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The best app for fasting

Diet viewer is perfect for fasting because it allows you to track what you eat easily and in detail It's a great way to keep track of your weight and food. You can keep track of your weight and diet so you can clearly see the results of your fasting.

Clearly understand the status of your diet with easy-to-understand graphs

The Diet Viewer features easy-to-understand graphs. You can view graphs for 1 month, 3 months, 1 year, 3 years, and 10 years, so you can see that you've made progress in 1 month even if it looks like you haven't made much progress in 3 months. In addition to weight, it can also display various items such as body fat percentage and calories of food eaten (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Various analyses of the diet can be done.

The Diet Viewer can be used for various analyses. For example, you can display a baseline for your goal weight, beauty weight, and obese weight. You can also view your weight and calorie graphs at the same time. You can also compare the graphs of this year and three years ago at the same time to analyze the time series.

diet plan

When you make a diet plan in the Diet Viewer, it automatically calculates the number of calories you need to consume per day, and then you can use it to lose weight. You can figure out if you ate the right amount of calories today or if you've gone over.

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Let's analyze your diet status in a graph.

The Diet Viewer's graphs are flexible and powerful for analysis.

  • The graphs can display reference lines such as target weight, beauty weight, and obese weight
  • Display moving averages to keep track of your diet
  • Different items such as weight and calories can be displayed in a graph simultaneously.
  • Graphs can be compared on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis
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Record a meal every day to help you fast!

When you record a meal, it is automatically displayed as a graph. Eat so that you don't exceed the daily calorie limit calculated in your diet plan.

It also shows your basal metabolism, so you can see how many calories you're not gaining at the very least.

Registered meals are recorded in the list of meals you have eaten so that you can re-register at any time. You can also easily search for the calories in the meal you want to know.

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Take stock of your current diet.

The Diet Viewer can display a variety of information about the diet

  • Standard weight calculated from height
  • Beauty weight calculated from height
  • Model weight calculated from height
  • Obese weight calculated from height
  • Maximum weight
  • Minimum weight
  • Average monthly maximum body weight
  • Minimum average monthly weight
  • maximum variation(+)
  • maximum variation(-)
  • Basic metabolism
  • Weight maintenance calories
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Various reference lines can be displayed.

The graph will automatically draw a recalculated graph depending on the baseline you display.

  • Target weight
  • standard weight
  • Beauty weight
  • Model Weight
  • Body mass index 1
  • Body mass index 2
  • Body mass index 2
  • Body mass index 4
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You can compare the time series.

You can compare year to year, month to month or week to week, so it's motivating to see how much weight you've lost compared to the previous week.